The world is beautiful and when you start seeing around,¬†you will find some¬†people who are really passionate about food. Working in the IT Industry for¬†about¬†11 years and then¬†getting married¬†and moving to¬†the US,¬†was a big change in¬†my¬†life.¬†I always wanted to cook¬†for my loved ones and experiment with food and create new recipes and dishes, but never got a chance to do that,¬†on a regular basis. I felt like doing many things but everything has their own priority, at a given time in life. Well,¬†life changes.¬†After marriage, I¬†found myself in a place where I belonged to my home-kitchen, rather than my office.¬†My knives and my pots-n-pans replaced¬†my Macbook Pro (yes, I am an Apple person¬†:-).¬†Someone who always talked about¬†code and technology now started talking more about spices and¬†recipes.¬†The reason….because this is what I always wanted to do, so¬†destiny led me to it.

For a gadget lover (better-referenced¬†as an Apple Lover), always surrounded by technology and devices, life turned into a whole new world. I was now a wife and soon an everyday learning-mom of two little ones – Yashraj & Yaduraj. My husband, whom I met by means of our traditional Indian arranged marriage way, I never imagined would be someone I always wanted as a life partner. He is the most caring and loving person in my life and without his support, I’d never been able to pursue my passion. At my workplace in India, I always talked to my¬†colleagues¬†about opening a small cafe, when I grew¬†older and where people would come, taste my food and leave with a smile. And now, with my hands-on technology and passion for cooking has allowed me to turn that¬†dream¬†into a¬†reality – thus this blog, where I can share with the whole world – my passion, my dream, my recipes, and ideas.¬†

Born and raised in a small town in India, finding fancy ingredients was not an option, but my mom (my strict coach) was smart in substituting ingredients and putting together delicious meals. She has this magical skill of preparing mouth-watering and cooked-to-perfection meals, in whatever ingredients were readily available. I have always wondered Рwhy the same recipe with exact same ingredient tastes different when prepared by different people, or the same person on different occasions. I think it is because everyone has made their own rules of cooking, and this is what makes it fun.