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By George Orwell

Without source of revenue of her personal, Dorothy Hare retains condominium for her relatively unpleasant father, the Rector of Knype Hill, in East Anglia. Dorothy's tedious existence is became the other way up whilst she suffers an assault of amnesia and reveals herself at the streets of London without reminiscence of who she is or how she acquired there. improving her reminiscence yet with out capacity to come domestic, Dorothy unearths paintings first as a picker within the hop fields after which as a schoolmistress for the grasping Mrs. Creevy earlier than returning domestic to take care of her father.

First released in 1935, A Clergyman's Daughter used to be George Orwell's moment and such a lot experimental novel. unhappy with it, Orwell however released the paintings for the money, yet left directions that when his dying it was once to not be reprinted.

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