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By David J. A. Clines, Ellen Van Wolde

This quantity honours the targeted contribution to Hebrew Bible reports over 4 a long time by means of Cheryl Exum, Professor Emerita of bible study within the college of Sheffield. Her distinct pursuits have lain, first, within the sleek literary feedback of the Hebrew Bible, the place her key paintings used to be Tragedy and Biblical Narrative: Arrows of the Almighty. Asecond region has been feminist feedback of the Hebrew Bible; right here her remarkable contributions have been Fragmented girls: Feminist (Sub)versions of Biblical Narratives and Plotted, Shot, and Painted: Cultural Representations of Biblical girls. a more moderen, and now virtually favorite, topic is the Bible and cultural stories, in particular the Bible and paintings. Key works right here were a sequence of edited volumes, akin to past the Biblical Horizon: The Bible and the humanities, and The Bible in movie / The Bible and picture. Her fourth region of continuous curiosity has been the tune of Songs, with many articles culminating in her perceptive statement within the previous testomony Library sequence. during this wealthy quantity, 25 of her buddies and associates provide her papers on a majority of these subject matters. numerous are on or round the tune of Songs (Graeme Auld, Fiona Black, David Clines, Sara Japhet, Martti Nissinen, Yair Zakovitch), and subject matters of feminist curiosity (Yairah Amit, Athalya Brenner, Claudia Camp, Hugh Pyper, Jack Sasson). Cultural reviews are represented by means of Alice Bach, Hans Barstad, Andrew Davies, David Gunn, Martin O'Kane, John Sawyer and Ellen van Wolde, and literary feedback through Michael Fox, Edwin stable, Norman Gottwald, Edward Greenstein, Francis Landy, Burke lengthy and Hugh Williamson.

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There is no suggestion that Tamar has a reputation as preparer of a particularly sustaining recipe; but there is something linguistically special about the provision. What I have rendered above by ‘food’ (lh[m) and ‘eat’ (’kl) are among the commonest words in the language. But the neighbouring bryh and brh, though prominent in this story, are very rare elsewhere. I have rendered the noun as ‘nourishment’ and the causative of the verb as ‘nourish’, rather than simply ‘food’ and ‘feed’—and for several reasons: (a) The immediate context is food for the sick-bed.

11). And then by her actions she adds as a rider—or it is something which your wife has to do for you. Her excuse to her father, that David had threatened her life if she did not cooperate, is plausible. But her ruse with the sacred object in David’s bed, by which she wins him time to get clear away, surely demonstrates her complicity. The rst extensions forwards of the story of Michal (within 1 Sam. 18–19) are located soon after the fresh start in stage II of the David story (1 Sam. 16–17). The other three principal female roles in this stage are clustered (2 Sam.

Scholars who feel that Judah comes across in the story as a negative character point to every detail possible in order to criticize him and emphasize that he ignored the mourning of his father and left his family; preferred the company of foreigners and married a Canaanite woman; prevented his son from performing the precept of Levirate marriage (yibum); and actually deceived and abandoned Tamar. As if that were not enough, he also had relations with harlots, and got involved in an incestuous relationship.

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