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By Robert J. Buck

Robert Buck's heritage examines the archaeological list, takes a clean examine what the ancients acknowledged in regards to the Boeotians and on the references of classicists of newer occasions, retells the legends, and reconstructs the background of the area from the heroic Bronze Age to the Pelopponesian battle.

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184. Kirsten, in Philippson 1. 499, notes a small Hellenistic site on the northwest coast, though this is too late if Theopompus is talking about the prehistory of this area. Fossey, Euphrosyne 4 (1970) 19 and Topography, 96-98, following Bursian, suggests modern Chalia. Bakhuizen, Salganeus, 145-47, would have it close to Chalia. 185. Bakhuizen, Salganeus, 17; Fossey, Topography, 97f. 186. For excavations, Spyropoulos, AD, 1970, Chr. 222-27; AR, 1971-72, 13. For identifications and bibliography, Bakhuizen, Salganeus, 6-12, to which add Wallace, 94-96; Fossey, Mnemosyne 27 (1973) 103, and Topography, 99f.

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137 Glisas is fairly securely located at a small acropolis with walls of polygonal masonry and pottery of Mycenaean (LH I, LH II and LH III) and Classical dates, on the southwest slopes of Mt. Sagmatas above the village of Syrtzi at a locale known as Tourleza. It has not been excavated. Nearby, at the monastery of Moni Sagmata, have been noted many ancient blocks and columns, and the re-use of walls. 138 Heleon is now generally agreed to be at a site on the flat top of a steep hill three-quarters of a kilometre northwest of the village of Dritsa (officially Eicon).

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