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By Poul Duedahl

The challenge UNESCO, as outlined simply after the top of global struggle II, is to construct 'the defenses of peace within the minds of men'. during this e-book, historians hint the routes of chosen UNESCO psychological engineering projects from its headquarters in Paris to the member states, to evaluate UNESCO's international impact.

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I am not gay, somewhat sad, but also immensely happy to be plunged in this drama and for once in my life I have an intimate contact with so many people within my own culture. I am amazed at the decency and simple greatness I found in peasants and workers. They are the only ones who are really human and sensible. The rest is often dried up or rotten. I wish I had an UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) job . . Tell Margaret Mead about my experiences and ask her whether she could not recommend both of us for some relief work in central Europe.

If things do not change quickly in Europe, more blood will flow very soon. I cannot stand the idea that all the suffering of these people has been in vain. Fascism is far from dead. It has poisoned the minds, even of those who come back from the German inferno. The experiences of this trip have a deep effect on me. A. Indians. I would like to help these friendless people who are coming out of 5 years of serfdom and humiliation to discover that nobody wants them and who find out that their saviors feel about them very much as the Germans did.

Later on, when he moved to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, he also had a position at Columbia University teaching anthropology. It was a joint appointment. It is well known that Boas’s anti-racist thinking got him in trouble with the director of the museum, the paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn, and with the museum’s board, where Madison Grant, the author of The Passing of the Great Race, a book admired by Hitler, was one of the more influential members. Osborn and Grant were close friends, and leaders of the eugenics movement in the USA.

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