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By Risa Levitt Kohn

This publication examines intimately the presence of priestly and Deuteronomic language and ideas within the e-book of Ezekiel. It asks: what's the nature of the connection among Ezekiel and the Priestly resource? what's the nature of the connection among Ezekiel, Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomistic background? the place does the publication of Ezekiel stand within the evolution of Israelite historical past, theology and literature-specifically, and what can Ezekiel educate us concerning the composition of the Torah?

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77. Kaufmann, Toledot, III, p. 538. 78. Kaufmann, Religion, pp. 434-35 (Kaufmann, Toledot, HI, p. 538). 79. See Die geschichtlichen Bticher, pp. 81-83. 80. Horst, Leviticus xvii-xxvi und Hezekiel (Colmar: Earth, 1881), pp. 96-98. 2. The State of the Question 19 in Leviticus 17-26 (the Holiness Code). 81 Following Wellhausen's lead, several scholars ignored the authorship issue altogether and attempted instead to date H on the basis of its correspondences with Ezekiel. Wellhausen contended that H forms the bridge from Ezekiel to P.

I also note where D/Dtr uses a different but synonymous expression. Where relevant, any occurrences of such vocabulary elsewhere in the HB are cited and examined. The vocabulary is divided into ten categories: Yahweh's Relationship to Israel, Covenant, Land, Social Structure, Law, Holy Days, Tabernacle/ Temple and Priesthood, Ritual, Humans, Animals and Plants and Miscellaneous. While the categorization is somewhat arbitrary, classification helps to illustrate that, in addition to common language, P and Ezekiel share many thematic concerns.

35. In Ps. 35 (MT) the term appears to denote some type of tree. But the text may be corrupt. See Propp, Exodus 1-18,discussion to Exod. 19. 42 A New Heart and a New Soul In P, n~lTN denotes an individual member of the people and is often contrasted with the ~U. mTN has the same meaning in Ezek. 22, where the "13 is to be allotted land as though he were 'like a native Israelite' (^iizr n nn mîio). —In the Eyes of the (Foreign) Nations. This expression occurs once in P (Lev. 27). It is also found in Isa.

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