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By Anthony Burgess

ABBA ABBA delves right into a literary secret with the entire originality, mind's eye, and appreciate that readers have prized within the writer of A Clockwork Orange, 1985, and Nothing just like the Sun.

In this novel, Anthony Burgess conjectures the prospective assembly in Rome in 1820 or 1821 of 2 excellent masters of the sonnet shape. One is John Keats, who's demise in a home at the Spanish Steps. the opposite is Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli-an super proficient poet little recognized outdoors Rome, simply because he writes unsentimental, frequently blasphemous poems within the tough dialect of town streets. within the first a part of the ebook, Burgess units out a sensational literary hypothesis: If Belli had recognized Keats, might the latter have stimulated him? If Keats had recognized Belli, may perhaps Keats have followed whatever of the Italian's earthy type into his personal verse? the second one half deals a canny choice of Belli's occasionally surprising poetry, translated into English with all the chew and verbal aptitude of the originals through one "J. J. Wilson"-who, by way of a stroke of fine fortune, appears to be like to have the singular presents of the novel's writer himself.

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