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By Byron B. Brenden (auth.), Glen Wade (eds.)

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Many kinds of systems and devices for imaging have been invented, such as those using visible light, X rays, infrared, microwaves, and even electron beams. However, only within the last 50 years has man discovered that he can overcome natural limitations in "seeing" with sound by exercising ingenuity. Since then, a multiplicity of methods have been proposed for providing such a capability. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES II. 1 Langevin One of the first solid accomplishments in using ultrasound for "imaging" was made by Paul Langevin during World War I.

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The deformation shows up as a stationary ripple pattern corresponding to the interference between the two beams. The ripples can be used directly to produce spatially modulated, first-order diffraction side bands on Fig. lOLO(jRAH PLANE An acoustic holographic system using a scanning, detecting transducer. Note that no acoustic reference beam is needed since the reference can be simulated electronically. lYDROPHON£ w :r: ~ m :c -I "'C » (') J:,.. JECT SOUND SOURCE MR REFERENCE BEA/1 INPUT POWER TO TRANSDUCER Fig.

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