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By Yogi Ramacharaka

" This ebook includes genuine, common knowledge. after we all become aware of the "oneness" of this universe and our interconnectedness on a really literal point, we will be able to start to know the way and WHY our thoughts/actions do impact everyone/everything else, and, in flip, how that back impacts US. This society is falling aside simply because we proceed to think in our separateness. this pretty publication breathtakingly conveys not just how, yet why, to appear within ourselves for the sunshine (read "goodness/enlightenment/god-knowledge/energy")that is actually and uniquely within each people to assist us as our lives/souls spread. If our kids may well commence, on the youngest of a long time, to advance a feeling in their personal own strength and artistic (meaning to create) power, and will understand deeply the sensation of non-public peace and pride at their very own accomplishments, each could discover that training bigotry, humiliation, aggression, greed or this kind of negativity is harmful so much of all to the wrongdoer. The solutions are all the following. this article is brilliantly written and should look at the beginning extra incomprehensible than it's. could that extra humans might learn and digest this extraordinary paintings. "

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We have just spoken of this trust in the Something Within, This precept emphasizes this phase of occult teaching. Learn to retreat within the Silence, and listen to the voice of p u r soul-it will tell you many great things. In the Silcnce the Spiritual Mind will unfold and pass on to your consciousness bits of the great truths which lie buried within its recesses. It will pass on to the Intellect certain fragments of truth from its own great storehouse, and the Intellect d l 1 afterwards accept them, and reason from the premises thus obtained.

This state once attained enables a man to set aside a part of his nature into which he map retire when the troubles and strife of the outer life disturb him, and which immcdiatcly surrounds him with a peace "that passcth tmdcrstanding," bccausc it is beyond the realms of the undcrstariding of the intellect. Such a sanctuary of the soul is a "haven of rest," for the troubled mind, anti in which it may seek shelter from the stonns which are howling without, When one bccomcs conscious of what hc rcallg is, and is able to see the world of illusions for what tlicy arc, he finds this place of peace.

Rlduality aa not himaelf, %at that d n g which he hna witb p i n created far hie awn we, and by m e w af which be pw- wh. Com < The Esoteric Library 54 ADVANCED COURSE. poace, a0 hie growth nlowly develop his Intolligenae, t o reach to the life beyond indlvidaallty. When he k n o m that for this hie wonderful complex, eeparated life axiete, then, indreil, and tben only, be fa npon the way. Seek i t by plunging into the mgetorioue and glodone deptha of your own inmost being. Hook it by teating all experience, by utilidng the eenwe, in order to nnderetand the growtb and meaning of inctioiduallty, and the beauty and obscurity of tboae other divine fragments which are etruggling aids by aide with you, and form the race to which you belong.

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