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By Lester L. Grabbe

The eu Seminar in historic method is dedicated to debating matters surrounding the background of historic Israel and Judah with the purpose of constructing methodological ideas for writing a background of the interval. during this specific consultation the subject selected used to be the Omride dynasty - its upward push and fall - and the next Jehu dynasty, all the way down to the autumn of Samaria to the Assyrians. individuals talk about such themes because the courting of prophetic texts, the home of Ahab in Chronicles, the Tel Dan inscription, the Mesha inscription, the Jezebel culture, the archaeology of Iron IIB, the connection among the biblical textual content and modern assets, and the character of the Omride kingdom. the amount by the way offers a pretty entire therapy of the most assets, matters, debates, and secondary literature in this interval of Israel's heritage. An introductory bankruptcy summarizes the person papers and in addition the correct portion of Mario Liverani's contemporary background of the interval. A concluding 'Reflections at the Debate' summarizes the problems raised within the papers and offers a standpoint at the dialogue.

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Of the 15 members of the Council, USA, Britain, Spain, and Bulgaria were in favour of the British suggestion, China, France, Germany, Russia, and Syria were against, whereas Angola, Cameroon, Chile, Guinea, Mexico and Pakistan had not yet expressed their official view. It is likewise remarkable how, similar to the situation 2,500 years ago, also symbolic support was highly valued by the parties involved. 11. Hazael (842-805 BCE) When Shalmaneser III crossed the Euphrates again in his 18th regnal year (841 BCE), his adversary is not Hadad-ezer, but Hazael.

The text is interesting also because of the description of the tribute. '. We note with interest that it is the field marshal, not the king, that receives the tribute. This might suggest that it is Shamshiilu, and not Shalmaneser IV, that represents the power. This fits well into a pattern found also in a series of other texts from this period, indicating that important officials, not the king, were the real power persons (Grayson 1996/2002: 200-1). However, since the campaign was conducted in the last year of the Assyrian king's rule, 773 BCE, there may also be other reasons why Shalmaneser himself did not participate in the campaign to Hatti.

In my view there is one overwhelming factor that places most prophetic books firmly within a preexilic context, namely the words against the nations (Barstad 2002). We find edited collections of oracles against the nations in many prophetic books. In the major prophets we may think above all of Isa. 13-23, Jer. 46-51, Ezek. 25-32. 3 is commonly referred to. We should remember, though, that it can easily be argued that texts like Hosea, Obadiah, Jonah, and Nahum consist almost exclusively of 'oracles against the nations'.

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