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By Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Valendar F. Turner (auth.), Peter H. Duesberg (eds.)

Despite huge, immense efforts, over 100,000 papers and over $22 billion spent by means of the USA taxpayer by myself, the HIV-AIDS speculation has didn't produce any public wellbeing and fitness merits, no vaccine, no potent drug, no prevention, no medication, now not a unmarried existence stored. Is the technology approach to be blamed? Has technology did not exhibit the reality approximately AIDS?
In AIDS: Virus or Drug Induced?, dozen scientists, students and newshounds have investigated the established order of AIDS examine. so much of them have puzzled the HIV-AIDS speculation ahead of, yet have in view that been censored, and sociologically excluded from AIDS study, politics and journalism. the following they're united for the 1st time to place on trial the HIV-AIDS speculation.
There are those that acquit HIV totally. Others who make a case for HIV as an important, yet now not a adequate reason for AIDS. And one clinical scientist who, including the large AIDS literature, defends the speculation that HIV is enough to reason AIDS.
The booklet convincingly unearths that the medical procedure may perhaps rather well discover a method to AIDS, yet provided that rules might be exchanged freely and if the HIV monopoly could be damaged. AIDS: Virus or DrugInduced? illustrates that the answer to AIDS might be as shut as one of many, very testable and intensely reasonable choices to the unproductive HIV-AIDS hypothesis.

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For a lot of the twentieth century, clinical contacts among the Soviet Union and western international locations have been few and much among, and sometimes large­ ficial. In earth sciences, rules and information have been sluggish to go the Iron Curtain, and there has been huge mutual distrust of diverging scient­ ific philosophies.

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This antigenaemia was totally neutralizable with Abbot antiserum anti-p24 ... 2 months after transplantation, all assays for p24-antigen became negative, without appearances of antibodies against HIY. , 1993). Using two kits, the Abbot and Diagnostic Pasteur, in one study p24 was detected transiently in 12114 kidney recipients. Peak titres ranged from 850 to 200000 pg/ml 7-27 days posttransplantation. Two heart and 517 bone marrow recipients were also positive, although the titres were lower and ranged from 140-750 pg/ml.

1991). It is also of interest to note that AIDS patients suffer frequently from bacterial infections and that 'bacteria too, have reverse transcriptases' (Varmus, 1989). In 1989 Blattner wrote: 'Assays for reverse transcriptase, the unique viral enzyme, employ special oligonucleotide templates in the presence of magnesium. A characteristic profile of enzyme activity suggests the presence of a retrovirus, but false positivity arising from cellular enzyme activity or false negativity because of low reverse transcriptase level make this technique too unreliable for epidemiologic application' (Blattner, 1989).

In 1984, Tsoukasetat. observed that among a group of33 asymptomatic haemophiliacs receiving factor VIII concentrates, 66% were immunodeficient 'but only half were seropositive for HTLV-III', while 'anti-HTLV-III antibodies were also found in the asymptomatic subjects with normal immune function'. , 1984); 5. , 1986); 6. In 1985 Montagnier (Montagnier, 1985) wrote: 'This [clinical AIDS] syndrome occurs in a minority of infected persons, who generally have in common a past of antigenic stimulation and of immune depression before LAV infection'.

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