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By Edward K. Chung M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.C. (auth.)

Ambulatory (Holter video display) electrocardiog­ comprehend the medical state of affairs. Diagrams and raphy has been some of the most crucial and tables thought of to be clinically pertinent are most beneficial noninvasive diagnostic instruments within the additionally proven. In a few cases, the clinically box of cardiovascular disea~e long ago decade. very important electrocardiographic rhythm strips the first indication for ambulatory got in our Emergency Room and Cardiac (Holter visual display unit) electrocardiography is to sanatorium are illustrated. The workout electrocardio­ record any cardiac arrhythmia, relatively grams (treadmill tension ECG checking out) are in­ while the rhythm disturbance happens transiently cluded in situations within which they're clinically or intermittently. The Holter computer screen electro­ precious. cardiography has an both very important position in regularly concerns, symptoms, the the overview of varied indicators, comparable to right method of interpretation, and tech­ nical facets, in addition to lead platforms of the dizziness, syncope, chest ache, and palpitations, that could be regarding cardiac rhythm dis­ Holter visual display unit electrocardiography, are dis­ turbances. moreover, the Holter video display stubborn. the worth of Holter computer screen electro­ cardiography is in comparison with that of the electrocardiography offers beneficial info workout (stress) ECG attempt. The Appendix for the prognosis of temporary myocardial is­ chemia and the overview of anti-arrhythmic summarizes the cloth in terms of eleven tables. This publication should be of specific price to all drug remedy in addition to man made pacemaker fundamental physicians, together with family members physicians, function.

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1. What is the 12-lead ECG diagnosis? 2. What is the Holter monitor EeG diagnosis? 3. What is the drug of choice? 54 Ambulatory Electrocardiography Diagnosis 12-1ead ECG: The cardiac rhythm is sinus (rate: 98 beats per minute) with frequent ventricular premature contractions (VPCs) causing an intermittent ventricular bigeminy. Note the inverted T waves in leads III and aVF; this finding is probably the most common BCG abnormality in the MVPS. This BCG finding often resembles a recent diaphragmatic myocardial infarction.

What type of artificial pacemaker was implanted? 56 Ambulatory Electrocardiography Diagnosis 12-1ead ECG: The underlying cardiac rhythm is sinus (rate: 90 beats per minute), but there is an intermittent artificial pacemakerinduced ventricular rhythm (the first two beats). The striking ECG abnormality is the evidence of an old extensive anterior myocardial infarction (MI), which is manifested by loss of R waves or abnormal (pathologic) Q waves in all the precordial leads, in addition to leads I and aVL.

Thus, her Holter monitor ECG tracing shows a characteristic feature of PAT. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that PAT is commonly triggered by an anxiety spell, especially in females with or without demonstrable heart disease. The drug of choice for all catecholamine-induced arrhythmias, including B c D anxiety-induced PAT, is propranolol (Inderal). The drug is usually effective in the oral dosage of 10 to 40 mg, three to four times daily. , Valium or Librium) may also be beneficial under these circumstances.

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