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By Lorinda B.R. Goodwin

This booklet employs historic archaeological proof to reveal how well mannered rituals reproduced the social and fabric global of trade in colonial Massachusetts. the writer situates artifacts in the social contexts descibed in modern letters and diaries and depicted in literature and artwork and demonstrates how the hot English retailers chosen and tailored modern British manners to create a brand new American kind of well mannered habit.

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I begin with a brief overview of the Renaissance courtesy works and describe the relationship between them and the later, English and American treatises. THE EVOLUTION OF COURTESY LITERATURE Modern mannerly behavior stems from the need or desire to organize, ritualize, and heighten the experience of communal eating. Although it is now common to equate polite behavior with table manners, the historical reality was actually much more complicated. ¹ What has been called courtesy or conduct literature is a diverse genre.

He was popular for the same reasons that Steele and Addison were, for his Whiggish views and a concern with the inner moral character. At least 44 different conduct works were imported or printed in New England between 1620–1738, including Richard Brathwait’s The English Gentleman and The English Gentlewoman and Richard Allestree’s The Ladies Calling. Both of these authors were royalists, godly, and appealed to the Puritan reader (Hemphill 1988: 18, 572). In addition to his novels, Samuel Richardson also anonymously wrote Letters Written to and for Particular Friends, intending it for country readers, and it was also very popular in America (Carson 1966: 38).

Schlesinger determined that the rise of American manners was hampered by five factors: the immigrant population was not drawn from the “best part” of the Old World; there History, Archaeology, and the Ideal World of Manners 29 was an absence of a “native aristocracy” to set standards; the real necessity of taming the wilderness took precedence over exploring the “graces of living”; many immigrants were not familiar with English standards of manners; and there was a comparatively small number of women for whom men would want to compete in politeness.

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