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By Graham M. Seed BEng, MPhil, PhD, MIAP (auth.)

An creation to Object-Oriented Programming in C++ with applications in desktop Graphics introduces the reader to programming in C++ step-by-step from the best of C++ courses, via positive factors comparable to periods and templates to namespaces. Emphasis is put on constructing a great programming procedure and demonstrating while and the way to take advantage of the extra complicated positive aspects of C++ in the course of the improvement of sensible programming instruments and classes.
This revised and prolonged second version includes:
- the normal Template Library (STL), an important addition to the ANSI C++ standard
- complete assurance of the entire significant themes of C++, comparable to Templates; exception dealing with; RTTI
- useful instruments built for object-oriented special effects programming
All code software records and routines are ANSI C++ appropriate and feature been compiled on either Borland C++ v5.5 and GNU/Linux g++ v2.91 compilers, and come from the author's internet site:

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Implementation flle for Polygon class. header file for Triangle class. implementation flle for Triangle class. header file for Quadrilateral class. implementation flle for Quadrilateral class. header file for Circle class. implementation file for Circle class. header file for Tetrahedra class. implementation file for Tetrahedra class. tests abstract base class Shape and derived classes. illustrates the use of template classes and inheritance. template class Vector. tests the template class RVector, which is inherited from template class Vector.

CPP template class Matrix and floating-point classes DoubleMatrix and FloatMatrix. tests the Point, Vector and Matrix template classes and the DoubleMatrix and FloatMatrix classes. template class Stack. template class Queue. tests the LinkedList template class. template class Iterator. template classes Vector and Vectorlterator. template classes LinkedList and LinkedListlterator. template class LinkedList. tests the iterator classes Vectorlterator and LinkedListlterator. illustrates exception handling and inheritance.

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