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By Xuan Hui Wu, Ahmed A. Kishk

Substrate built-in waveguide (SIW) is a brand new kind of transmission line. It implements a waveguide on a bit of revealed circuit board through emulating the facet partitions of the waveguide utilizing rows of steel posts. It inherits the advantages either from the microstrip for compact dimension and straightforward integration, and from the waveguide for low radiation loss, and therefore opens one other door to layout effective microwave circuits and antennas at a within your means. This booklet provides a two-dimensional fullwave research option to examine an SIW circuit composed of steel and dielectric posts. It combines the cylindrical eigenfunction growth and the strategy of moments to prevent geometrical descritization of the posts. the strategy is gifted step by step, with all of the valuable formulations supplied for a practitioner who desires to enforce this system through himself. This e-book covers the SIW circuit published on both homogeneous or inhomogeneous substrate, the microstrip-to-SIW transition and the speed-up process for the simulation of symmetrical SIW circuits. kinds of SIW circuits are proven and simulated utilizing the proposed procedure. furthermore, a number of slot antennas and horn antennas fabricated utilizing the SIW know-how also are given. desk of Contents: creation / SIW Circuits Composed of metal Posts / SIW Circuits with Dielectric Posts / Even-Odd Mode research of a Symmetrical Circuit / Microstrip to SIW Transition and part Mode SIW / SIW Antennas

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6. 0 and has a small hole at the center. The S parameters obtained by using the proposed method are plotted against those from HFSS in Fig. 7. It can be observed that for all the examples, the proposed method and HFSS give almost the same results. 3. 4: A bandpass filter with circular dielectric posts; from [10], copyright ©2008 IEEE. 5: S parameters of the circuit in Fig. 4; [10], copyright ©2008 IEEE. 6: A dual-band bandpass filter with annular dielectric posts; [10], copyright ©2008 IEEE. 5.

1 DECOMPOSITION OF A SYMMETRICAL CIRCUIT Without losing generality, a four-port symmetrical circuit shown in Fig. 1 is used as an example to present the even-odd mode analysis. The broken line is the symmetry wall of the circuit. 1: A typical four-port symmetrical circuit. Port 2 Port 4 38 4. EVEN-ODD MODE ANALYSIS OF A SYMMETRICAL CIRCUIT to get S11 , S21 , S31 and S41 , Port 1 is excited by incident voltage v as shown in Fig. 2. 2: Excitation of Port 1 to get S parameters. 1) where Rn is the impedance of the nth port, and Vn− is the output voltage on that port assuming the port is connected to a matched load.

4. 19: S parameters of the T junction in Fig. 16. 1 GHz, and the even-odd mode analysis only takes 176 seconds on the same computer. For the T junction in Fig. 16, the even-odd mode analysis takes 70 seconds to simulate 20 frequency points from 22 to 26 GHz, while the simulation of the entire structure takes the same amount of time of 71 seconds. The improvement in efficiency is not as significant as the ring hybrid case because the T junction does not extend that much in the direction perpendicular to the symmetry wall.

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