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By Aiden J. McLoughlin (auth.)

Contents: A.J. McLoughlin: Controlled unlock of ImmobilizedCells as a technique to manage Ecological Competence of Inocula.- A. Singh, R.Ch. Kuhad, V. Sahai, P. Ghosh: Evaluation of Biomass.- L.C. Lievense, ok. van't Riet: Convective Drying of micro organism II. components Influencing Survival.- S. Hasegawa, ok. Shimizu: Noninferior Periodic Operation of Bioreactor Systems.- U. Wiesmann: Biological Nitrogen removing from Wastewater.

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The rate of breakdown or the degree of resistance of the alginate bead and consequently release of cells can be altered using a variety of methods. Treatment with cross-linking agents such as dialdehydes or diamines can result in greater mechanical strength. A convenient way of regulating leakage is to bound the matrix with a microporous membrane of suitable porosity thus ensuring an interface between the gel matrix and the surrounding environment. Birbaum et al. [144] described a number of methods used to enhance stability of beads.

The level of extracellular polymer associated with cells appears to be important in developing ecological competence and appears to be influenced by immobilization. E1-Sayed et al. [254] found that immobilized cells of Leuconostoc mesenteroides produced more dextran than free cells under otherwise comparable conditions. 6. 2. Cell division appears to be influenced by immobilization. Jirkfi et al. [239] showed from electron microscopic studies that cell division proceeded without separation of the daughter cells resulting in chain like filaments indicating a degree of polarization of budding.

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